2 New Metamorphosis Butterfly“This is the spirit that Beauty must ever induce: wonderment and a delicious trouble, longing and love and a trembling that is all delight” ~ Plotinus

At the heart of Feng Shui is the core scientific truth that everything is energy. All matter is energy, and energy flows and changes all the time. Einstein proved these truths with his famous equation E = mc2, which confirms that our bodies, our houses, our cars, our clothes, our pets, our TVs, literally everything, is made up of energy. Energy has many names, such as “life force” or in China “chi;” Hindus call it “prana;” Hebrews call it “ruah,” Christians call it “Holy Spirit.

Dinette Area and FlowersI am studied in helping clients to assure that the energy in their homes remains free-flowing so that people feel comfy and productive within their spaces, with no blockages that may cause dis-ease, emotional un-wellness, or angst. Because your surroundings affect you energetically if not emotionally and physically, it is important to harmonize your environment. You are always surrounded by energy. The question becomes: is the energy positive and uplifting or is it draining? I am experienced in answering those questions.

In my practice of Feng Shui Aesthetics, I add techniques for beautification that blend standard Feng Shui concepts for creating harmony and balance, along with basic principles of Interior Design and decorating. I call his unique blend Aesthetic Spaces™.

Aesthetics has to do with beauty, artistic taste, and the law of appeal and attraction. When we think of the “aesthetics” of a space, we think of enhancing it ornamentally, artistically, and making it pleasing, decorative, and tasteful. But is it more? And how does Feng Shui relate to aesthetics?


Sometimes placement is not optimum for ‘chi’, but the placement is the most practical.

In Greek, the word Aesthetics (aisthētikos) means sense perception, or how we perceive “beauty”. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras believed beauty to be subjective, meaning that beauty exists in the eye of the beholder. Plato, however, argued the opposite, saying that beauty was objective and based on defined laws of the universe, such as the Golden Ratio, which speaks to definite proportions in relation to its parts. Indeed in part, they both were probably right.

In Chinese, Feng means wind and Shui means water. Just like the natural flow, circulation and movement of wind and water, Feng Shui practicioners try to balance the flow of energy in a space, and therefore, in one’s life. The arrangement of furniture and furnishings affects this natural flow of energy. A well-balanced environment will leave a person feeling nourished both psychologically as well as physically. Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of our lives or in the desire to find a good ‘home’ for grandma’s favorite, but old and tattered chair, we inadvertently block this natural flow of energy, and our space no longer feels “good.”

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Combining the two notions that “beauty” exists in the eyes of the beholder with the philosophy that beauty is defined by universal laws of energy, I attempt to assist my clients to re-create their spaces to be aesthetically pleasing not only just for them… but also energetically pleasing for all.

The following are the “aesthetics” that I consider in order to balance and to unfold the beauty in your space.

    • the use of color
    • the re-arrangement of furniture or furnishings
    • the creation of increased comfortability
    • re-decorating decisions
    • the organization of a room or a space
    • the de-cluttering of an environment
    • accessory enhancement for aesthetic appeal
    • the un-blockage of blocked energy
    • the re-designing of spaces
    • the clearing of predecessor energy

My intention is to assist you to create an aesthetically pleasing, energetically well-balanced environment, which in turn creates a sense of well-being in your life. Clients confirm that their lives have changed for the better after a consultation, their family dynamics have improved, or that their relationships have been enhanced. Coincidences? Not if you understand the law of energy and how the universe works on an energetic level.

In the METAMORPHOSIS section of this site, I relate the true-life story of a couple who allowed me to help them enrich their lives…and to change them forever.

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