Meet Me

2 New Metamorphosis Butterfly“Beauty is the shadow of God on the universe.” – Gabriela Mistral

Hi there! I’m Linda Darlene, a double certified Feng Shui practitioner and an Aesthetic Spaces™ Specialist As a professional consultant, I have had many opportunities to do what I truly, truly love – bring forth beauty.

As a young girl of twelve, I used to sit and design houses on paper for hours— and then using House and Garden magazines for inspiration, I’d decorate those houses in my mind. In the 90’s, a friend told me about Feng Shui. Frankly, I had a few problems with the things she told me, like the need to keep my bathroom door closed, so I decided I needed to study this art and science for myself (You don’t have to keep the door shut, by the way).

It didn’t take long for me to realize that Feng Shui melded beautifully with my ardor and fervor for creativity and for the developing of beauty.  I studied the art/science and became certified in Feng Shui. Later, passion materialized into my own practice, Feng ShuiAesthetics (formerly known as Aesthetic Feng Shui), and later my business morphed into Aesthetic Spaces™ (which is Feng Shui design).

I AM a double certified consultant, receiving my Feng Shui certifications in 2002 and in 2004 from the Wind and Water School of Feng Shui. This certification program is licensed through the State of Minnesota’s Higher Education Services Office. It’s founder, and my teacher is Carole Hyder, one of the few personal disciples of Grand Master Thomas Lin Yun*, affectionately called Professor Lin.

Condo Back View

In my practice, I blend techniques from a variety of schools of Feng Shui, along with a tasteful and practical sense of style and decoration. This combination is Feng Shui design, or  Aesthetic Spaces™. 

My main treasure house of techniques comes from the BTB school of Feng Shui* brought forth by Professor Lin, due to its practical, nonsensical approach. I am also knowledgeable in methods from the Form and Compass Schools of Feng Shui, such as the Five Elements, Ming Gua numbers, and Directions. In addition, I incorporate into my practice Interior Design principles, as well as Space Clearing procedures, de-cluttering tips, and floor-plan review.

My experience includes consultations for:

    • single family homes, apartments and condos, and large mansions
    • rental homes
    • garages
    • a small retail clothing store
    • an antique store
    • individual offices and desks
    • teacher classrooms
    • teaching and community centers
    • doctor’s office
    • an art studio
    • small chapels
    • small bookstores
    • a vacation rental
    • staging homes for selling

I currently live in the East Valley area of Phoenix, Arizona, but I’m also available for consultations in other states, either in person or by phone. I very much look forward to helping you beautify and decorate your space, offering you insights and suggestions that hopefully will delight.

* BTB means Black-Sect Tantric Buddhism. “Black” refers to the color of the hats that the Buddhist monks in China wear, with each sect wearing a different color. BTB Feng Shui as practiced in the west is not a religion. In ancient China, it was integrated into ”Buddhism”, but Professor Lin Yun took the ancient Feng Shui principles and adapted them for westerners without sacrificing the integrity of those practices.


 I am also THE AESTHETIC 美 WEB DESIGNER! See my website here.
FENG SHUI 美 AESTHETICS is a subsidiary of Aesthetics Designer Consulting.