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“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”   ~ Confucius

At Feng Shui Aesthetics, the goal is to fashion more beauty in my clients’ homes or offices by seeking the best shape, color, and form that creates a more nourishing environment in which to live or work. I provide “another pair of eyes” for my clientele.

To actualize beauty and harmony in a space, I use an eclectic blend of principles from the ancient science and art of Feng Shui along with decorating principles from Interior Design. Merging this combination, I call my business Feng Shui Aesthetics, and I am an Aesthetic Spaces, ™  Specialist.


Beauty is the natural order of the universe…manifesting itself in organization, balance, flow, symmetry, cleanliness, attractiveness, orderliness, spirituality, and perfection of form, color, and fragrance. I believe that everyone can have a more attractive and harmonious environment, no matter the budget!

Feng Shui Services

I explain more about the methods I use under the MEET ME tab and the AESTHETICS tab.

Under METAMORPHOSIS, I relate to you the real-life story of a couple who took the risk to embark upon a metamorphic journey with me using Feng Shui and Aesthetics that forever changed their lives. Their story is amazing!

Exterior Grounds

I’d love to meet with you to help you discover beauty in your home or office. I’m available for virtual or in-person consultations. To determine if my services are right for you, I offer a FREE 30-MINUTE exploratory consultation. See the BOOK button on the Home Page.

Please feel free to contact me for more information. It’s always my pleasure to help. ☺



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