Chapter 1: Prologue to the Journey

I went on an incredible journey, with an incredible couple! The journey, like the birthing of a beautiful butterfly, from its chrysalis stage to full maturity, took some time…and indeed, may still be continuing.

The following is my real-life story of the cathartic and metamorphic Feng Shui journey of Dan and Helena Sanderson (not their real names), to whom I owe so much.


“I found that a distance of a thousand miles, abyss and discovery, and … metamorphosis, separated me from the day before.”  ~ Noces

The Prologue to the Journey 

Prologue 2My first “consultation” with Dan and Helena Sanderson was anything but formal. I did not do my typical Feng Shui “thing”. In fact, we were just talking as friends. There was no official appointment, no red envelopes being exchanged, just a lot of open heart and friendly suggestions. And little did we know that on that beautiful, sun drenched, late summer day in September of 2003 that our Feng Shui journey together had just begun! Nor could any of us have imagined then the bumps and turns that our journey would take.

It all began when my son went to play with the Sanderson’s younger son, Cash. On that fateful, September day, while standing in a very cluttered, unorganized kitchen, Helena Sanderson began telling me in very graphic detail of her frustrations. First, it was with her home, which she considered to be too small, and second, she was upset with her schedule at work, which didn’t allow her to keep her house the way she would wish to, and it was the lack of money from the two jobs she and husband were working.

The Sandersons worked hard, but on opposite shifts, so that one or the other could be home to watch the kids. Their daily routine was just that—a daily routine. They felt stuck, unmotivated, and in conflict with each other over how to proceed to change their circumstances. She wanted to move—he didn’t even want to think about it!

This was a great segway for me to suggest the opening up of the energy flow in their home by the cleaning and clearing of just one small area. I told Helena that I thought that if she tried to de-clutter just a wee, little area, she’d be amazed at the results. It would free up more energy to eventually tackle more. This was something she felt she could do. She told me she had read a book on Feng Shui, and how it talked about the need to clear the clutter. This was another segway for me, for up until that moment, she did not know that I was a practicing Feng Shui consultant.

We talked a little bit more about energy flow and I mentioned something about just taking one room and making it special. Both she and Dan wanted to start immediately with the living room, the easiest room to clean. They wanted opinions about what to do, where to move this, where to place that—any aesthetic suggestion I could make. I made a few, pointing out some placements for some of their most beautiful items that were not being effectively displayed, and they took it from there.

A few hours after I left, they called me to tell me, that at my suggestion, they had moved the sofa, lowered a picture to raise the appearance of the ceiling, placed it over the sofa for better aesthetic enhancements, moved the lounge chair away from the door and the entry walkway, put a bureau on an angle for aesthetic interest and highlighting, rearranged the display of miscellaneous items over the fireplace, replacing them with some elegant fine china and crystal pieces, and moved a large piece of furniture that had blocked the window over to another wall.

“The living room has been totally transformed,” they said when they called me. They were excited. They loved the new look. They wanted more information about what to do next. It was at this point that I asked them if they would like for me to “Feng Shui” their entire house. My question was met with a resounding, “yes”!

We agreed to get back in touch within the week with times and days that worked for all of us. However, before I could set the appointment for a formal consultation, I received another phone call. Helena told me that her folks had just come to visit. She said that they usually only stay a short while, but this time they stayed for hours. She attributed this to the fact that the living room was inviting, comfortable, and flowed well. She said that she and Dan couldn’t wait for our appointment together.

Sanderson's Piano Area - Organized, Beautiful, and says, "We are a family."

Sanderson’s Piano Area – Organized, Beautiful, and says, “We are a family.”

The Metamorphosis continuesThe Background

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