Addendum: Floor Plan, Ming Gua Numbers


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1) Floor Plan with FENG SHUI Bagua Superimposed

The floor plan below is divided into the 9 “guas” of the Feng Shui Bagua “map” (red lines). A BTB Feng Shui consultant explains these guas during an appointment, and their importance in terms of the flow of energy.

In this floor plan, Candice and Rhys’ bedrooms are in the knowledge and career “guas” of the home. James and Cash’s “bedrooms” were created by the placement of shelving and curtains in the creativity, children, travel and helpful people “guas.”

Over all, this floor plan has an ideal rectangular shape, with no architectural features that represent problems, other than an entry way that is far too small, as explained in my story.

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2) Family Member Ming Gua Numbers and Elements

“Ming” means life, and “Gua” means pattern or trigram. Ming Gua numbers represent one’s “element”, either fire, metal, water, wood, or earth, and are used for understanding how a space will affect a person. Ideally, a person will want a space that supports their Ming Gua number, and is compatible with it.

The Chinese strongly believe that it is best to live, sleep or work in certain directions for prosperity, health, wealth, romance, good relationships, personal growth, and overall well being. Adjustments can be made to support those outside of their “ideal” directions. An experienced Compass School Feng Shui consultant can help determine these numbers, directions, and adjustments.

The charts below show the various direction considerations for each of the Sanderson family members. The home’s directions were not all supportive for each member of the family, and adjustments were needed in the home.



3) Family Member Astrological Similarities and Differences

The charts below show the primary astrological signs of each of the family members. A comparison of these elements among family members, as well as the qualities of cardinal, fixed and mutable show the similarities and the differences between family members. Often, with spouses, where one spouse is weak, the other is strong, balancing each other.

One’s astrology is considered in my consultations when there are complicated problems in the family dynamics. It is used as another piece of information to help determination the best energy patterns for that family.

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